When a city or town constructs a building it's meant to serve a purpose. That purpose usually isn't to 'look pretty' but having some curb appeal certainly doesn't hurt. Whether the look of these places are outdated, plain, ridiculous, or just plain ugly, residents won't hesitate to complain.

Business Insider asked readers to name the one architectural eyesore they loathe most in their state.

If you're a fan/supporter/alum of the University of Iowa...you've been forewarned.

Readers chose Iowa's English-Philosophy Building as the ugliest building in the state.

English-Philosophy Building, University of Iowa
English-Philosophy Building, University of Iowa

If that wasn't bad enough, the university's Boyd Law Building took "dishonorable mention" on this list.

Personally, I think judging on-campus buildings for ugliness is a little unfair, especially at a campus as large as Iowa's. You're probably thinking about usefulness more than attractiveness. Plus, it's not as though you're highlighting those academic buildings when promoting business or tourism.

Never fear, Hawkeyes. It could be much, much worse...you could have to stare at this every day. Or this. Or this. Or this. Get the entire list HERE.

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