Internet Star Rejected from Attending Cy-Hawk Game

This weekend, the Iowa Hawkeyes will be traveling to Ames to take on the Iowa State Cyclones. Saturday, September 9th the two notable Iowa teams will battle it out in one of the most highly anticipated games in college football this season.

Last week, Iowa State dominated in their game against the University of Northern Iowa whilst Iowa also came out on top in their first outing of the season against Utah State.

It's set to be one of the biggest crowds of the season, with thousands of fans in attendance and several notable political figures also set to make an appearance.

One Iowa internet star will not be at the game this weekend. Not because he couldn't get tickets, but because he's got four legs, a tail, and an email from ISU officials saying it's not the best idea.

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You might remember Gucci the cow from his viral videos that lit up on the internet a few years back. He and his owner, Mason Corkery of Jesup, were all over your television screens for a hot second after videos of the duo going to Chick-Fil-A, Dairy Queen, and Starbucks went viral on Tik Tok.

The team continue to make hilarious videos for social media and make appearances at different events all throughout the state. Corkery has taken his furry friend to nursing homes, schools, and even your favorite dive bar!

Now, the Jesup native is trying to get into the Cy-Hawks game this weekend with the cow. Gucci has gone tailgating before at a college football game. Corkery was able to take his steer to Kinnick Stadium and interact with fans last year.

He reached out and asked for permission to be on campus before the game to tailgate. The social media content creator has had issues in the past with ISU officials regarding similar appearances.

ISU Department of Safety officials came back to him with a disappointing response.

"While we appreciate Gucci and his fanbase, this is not something we can support at this time. With the large number of people attending the game that day and the density of the tailgating population around Jack Trice stadium, we would not be able to ensure the safety of Gucci or the patrons attending."

You can read the full email response he shared down below.

While Corkery is intending to follow the rules set in place by the university, he is also trying to figure out a way to get to the event with his fluffy friend.

"I went through city code and might be able to get away with being in public, but will respect the wishes of staying off campus," Corkery confirmed.

Currently, he is reaching out to vendors on campus and inquiring about possible sponsorships that could the pair of them onto the grounds.

We'll keep you updated in case anything should change between now and game day.

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