Being someone's best man at a wedding is an amazing honor. The best man at my wedding, now nearly 22 years ago? My brother. He returned the favor as I was also the best man at his wedding years later. The toughest part of being a best man is getting up and giving your speech in front of a crowd of family members and friends. It is a task that makes even the best public speakers shake in their rented shoes. I remember having no difficulty with mine, thanks to a little liquid courage. But last month, 23-year-old Sam Waldron showed the world what real courage looks like.

This summer, Jonah and Madison Waldron were married in July right here in the state of Iowa. The two met at Wartburg College. Jonah's best man at the wedding was his younger brother Sam. In a video originally posted to TikTok, Sam is seen getting up to give his best man speech. But what makes this speech special is when Sam reveals that he has autism. The disorder makes it difficult for Sam to comfortably speak in front of large crowds, you know, like a wedding reception. But as Sam says in his speech, he wouldn't do this for just anyone, only his big brother Jonah.

Sam's nearly five-minute speech got a standing ovation from the 170 people in attendance that day, and a huge hug from a proud big brother. It is a testament to the bonds of family and having the courage to stand up and share your feelings no matter how scared you may feel. Well done, Sam.

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