The 33-year-old in Florida was 131 strokes over par after 18 holes. He was then disqualified for “failing to play in the spirit of the game.” – So he didn’t get DQ’d for his poor play ----  he was booted from the tournament for lack of trying.  He’d get the ball on the green and then just keep hitting it around, not trying to knock it in the cup.

He missed the cut anyway….by 124 shots.

On one hole it took him 25 strokes to get the ball into the cup.

BONUS: He wasn’t just DQ’d from this tournament, he’s also been suspended from playing in any tournament, indefinitely.

His name is Trey Bilardello and he’s a professional caddie for Matt Every on the PGA tour. He was actually his caddie at the John Deere Classic last weekend in the Quad Cities.

He’s also the son of former Major League Baseball catcher, Dann Bilardello who played in the ‘80s and early ’90s. He’s currently a manager for a minor league team in Florida.

The 194 on the score card was incorrect. His actual score was 202. There's a glitch in the online scoring system ---- you can’t submit scores greater than 19 from being submitted.

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