If you've been to a Waterloo Bucks baseball game, you've seen him there in his normal spot behind the home team dugout. Along with his love for the Bucks, Tony K. is a Chicago Cubs fan and is also an avid Cedar Falls High School sports supporter. Of course, don't forget the UNI Panthers as well. Recently, Tony fell on some hard times financially and the community has stepped up to help.

Tony the Tiger

"Hi friend", (followed by a fist bump) is how you'll be greeted if you have the pleasure of running into Tony at a Cedar Valley sports event. Cedar Falls Tigers fans have come to know Tony over the years, they even gave him the nickname "Tony the Tiger".  You can also find Tony at his part-time job at Walmart but due to a "snafu" in with his social security disability payments, he has come across a "rough patch" financially and needs help with his living expenses.

COVID depression is a real thing

Tony hit a "rough patch" personally as well. Like many of us, he has struggled in dealing with the pandemic. It can be made even worse for someone living with special needs. Most special needs people benefit from a daily routine and they "feed" off seeing other people and the social interaction.

Over the past year, his parents and friends have become very concerned about the changes they've seen in him (weight loss, change in demeanor). Tony has been to the doctor and there is nothing wrong physically. It seems to be mostly stemming from depression brought on by Covid-19 restrictions taking away everything that he enjoyed like going to sporting events and dining out.

Donate today

A long-time friend of Tony's, Amy Siglin is organizing the fundraiser and is working with his staff to make sure the funds are put toward his immediate needs. You can donate to Amy directly through Venmo at "Amy-Siglin", via PayPal at "asiglin@mchsi.com" or Facebook Pay.  You can also find Amy working in the Leinie Lodge at the Bucks games all summer, taking cash or check donations. All funds raised will be transferred into a fundraiser bank account established at "Dupaco Credit Union FBO Tony K. Benefit".

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Fundraiser Underway for the Cedar Valley's #1 Sports Fan

Tony is a regular at the Waterloo Bucks games, don't miss him dancing to the YMCA in between innings, and cheering on the team. If you walk by him (along the 3rd base aisle) you might even get a fist bump or a "Hey, hey whadd'ya say, let's go Bucks!".



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