I think it's safe to say that everyone who has ever picked up a baseball has had dreams of playing in the "big leagues". If you're from the midwest, you might have dreamt of donning a Cubs, Cardinals, Royals, White Sox, or Twins uniform (ok, maybe not the Twins, at least this year anyway!)  A quick check of the Waterloo Bucks current roster shows just how many players are out there chasing their dream of making it in professional baseball.

These guys want a shot at fame and fortune so badly, that they leave their hometowns and drive (sometimes) halfway across the country to play in little towns across the Midwest. In fact, more than half of the current Bucks roster play their college baseball in California or somewhere else west of the Rockies.

The Northwoods League recently announced the rosters for the 2021 Major League Dreams Showcase and six Bucks players have made the roster. The list includes Duncan Davitt, Max Jung-Goldberg, Joshua Kasevich, Brycen Mautz, Michael Mitchell, and Johnny Tincher. The event, which will be hosted by La Crosse Loggers at Copeland Park on Tuesday, August 3, 2021, will consist of a double-header featuring the top players from the NWL. All six Bucks will play for the home team in the 4:05 pm game.

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As we muddle through the "dog days of summer", baseball fans like myself are starting to miss our own "boys of summer". The Bucks will have been away from the friendly confines of Riverfront Stadium for nearly two weeks when they return this Saturday night for a 6:35 p.m. game with Bismark.

6 Waterloo Bucks Named to NWL Major League Dreams Showcase Roster [Photos]

Hundreds of Northwoods League players have made a Major League roster over the years. Some of those players like Ben Zobrist, Chris Sale, and Max Scherzer have won a World Series and made the Major League All-Star team. So, dreams that start out in a little midwestern town, do come true. Here's more about the current Waterloo Bucks player that made the 2021 Northwoods League's Dreams Showcase. Players for the Showcase were selected by a panel of Major League Baseball Scouts.  
Source: Waterloo Bucks
Source: Waterloo Bucks

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