There a plenty of abandoned towns in Iowa. Many are ones you are not welcome to visit. Usually this is for your own safety so you don't get hurt in abandoned buildings. You are aloud to drive through some of these spots however.

Today we will be looking at five famous spots.

derelict houses and abandoned commercial property on a residential street with boarded up windows and decaying crumbling walls
Philip Openshaw

Most of these spots are very well known. While others are a fun hidden secret. 'Only In Your State' went on to say,

So next time you’re looking for a nook or cranny to explore in our state, take some time to stop and check out these abandoned towns in Iowa!

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Abandoned Iowa Towns 

Here are five abandoned Iowa towns


This spot is a true ghost town located right off of Highway 64. You can still see a few buildings here and there. It is an interesting snap shot of the past years of Iowa.

Elkport Iowa

This one is a recent one. In 2004 there was a massive flood. The town then voted to relocate its citizens by 2006.

Carrollton Iowa

This one makes it on top fives lists all the time.

This old ghost town in Carroll County (imagine that) used to be the official county seat. The town gradually grew until the construction of the Northwestern Railroad in 1867. Carrollton was bypassed entirely. That year, a vote was cast to move the county seat to similarly-named Carroll, leading to Carrollton's eventual end.

Sunbury Iowa

This Iowa ghost town in Cedar County was founded when the railroad was introduced to the region, resulting in an economic boom. Sunbury was once known for its famed dance hall, founded in 1895 and then eventually closed in 1964

Mount Etna Iowa

This name might sound familiar. A tornado recently went through. It was abandoned long before.

All that's left of what used to be Mount Etna is the old church, some homes, and a few other buildings. None of them are in good shape, though, and all that truly remains here are memories.

You can see an even longer list here in 'OIYS'

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