Governor Reynolds wasn't the only politician that dropped an Iowa mention or two.

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President Joe Biden gave his very first State of the Union address on Tuesday, March 1st. The Scranton native summarized the actions and policies that his administration took during his first year in office. He touched upon the conflict going on in Ukraine, voting rights, and healthcare.

"The State of the Union is strong because you the American people are strong!" exclaimed the 46th President of the United States as he wrapped up his speech.

As the address started to inch towards the halfway mark, Biden brought up the most iconic Iowa landmark. In an effort to paint an optimistic portrait of the nation's economic status, the politician mentioned a multi-billionaire plan conceived by Intel. 

"If you travel 20 miles east of Columbus, Ohio, you’ll find 1,000 empty acres of land," the President spoke. "It won’t look like much, but if you stop and look closely, you’ll see a 'field of dreams,' the ground on which America’s future will be built."

That's right! The Field of Dreams might actually just be in Ohio, not Iowa. When I first heard this line, I personally thought he just made a mistake in his speech. It's not that uncommon for people to switch up the two states.

As reported by the Columbus Dispatch, Intel announced several months ago that they would be building two factories that would make semiconductors in Ohio.'s technically a field of dreams...

When the President mentioned a "Field of Dreams" though Iowa Twitter went crazy.

Especially with the status of the MLB season, this seemed to hit a bit of a sensitive spot for some.


While Governor Reynolds made multiple references to Iowa in her response to the Democrat's State of the Union, there was no mention of the famous field in Dyersville.

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