It was a very sad day for the people of Fairbank. A tragedy cost them the life of their beloved mayor.

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News broke earlier this week that Fairbank Mayor Gregory Mike Harter, died in a tragic car accident. The incident that cost the 71-year-old his life occurred on Monday (July 18th)  at around 8:30 AM, according to reports.

Town of Fairbank
Town of Fairbank

During his death, he was working as a driving instructor for a Cedar Falls drivers' education program, according to the Oelwein Daily Register. Reports claim that he was in a vehicle being driven by a 14-year-old from Waterloo.

The car was headed southbound on Hwy 218 when the driver dropped onto the shoulder. In an attempt to correct themself, the teen actually crossed the lanes and entered the path of northbound traffic.

Reports say that the driver collided with another vehicle.

The Fairbank mayor died in the crash and the driver along with another 14-year-old in the vehicle were rushed to the hospital.

The town of Fairbank released an official statement on their Facebook page which read,

"Mike’s love for his family and passion for the community was seen daily and his commitment to the City of Fairbank will always be remembered. He will be dearly missed by city staff, the council, and the community of Fairbank. We’d like to extend our deepest sympathies to Mike’s wife, Marla, their children, Andy (Jeni), and Ryan, and their families."

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