Dumb criminal stories tend to emanate most often from Florida, right? Well, not this one. Oh no. This one actually started here in Iowa, but the mischief ended just over the border in Illinois. I will say, at least the criminal himself lives in Illinois. We've got that going for us here. Our story involves a guy leaving an Iowa bar, heading back to Illinois, and running away from cops... TWICE.

Dumb criminal crashes while being pursued

Our dumb criminal is Eric Thomas, a 29-year old guy from Carthage, Illinois. According to the Daily Gate City, he left an Iowa bar very early this morning and was headed home. Police had been called because Thomas was allegedly being disorderly. They caught up to his vehicle, a pursuit insured, and as you can see in the photo below, Thomas crashed and crashed HARD on a bridge while attempting to flee officers.

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After the wreck, which sent one tire flying completely off his vehicle, Thomas got out of his car, and collapsed on the bridge he crashed on. EMS arrived, and Thomas was transported to an area hospital where... he then fled rescue crews on foot. As you might imagine, he didn't get too far before he was caught and arrested a second time. This time he went to the hospital and was treated for being stupid. Oh, and his injuries.

After being treated he was cited and released. So see, he didn't have to flee this time. Boring, I know. He was charged with failure to maintain control and four counts of failure to obey a traffic control device. I'd wager more charges will be coming.

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