On Monday, President Joe Biden proposed his $5.8 trillion budget for 2023. In this budget, Biden goes over security and economic concerns and new taxes.

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In an article by the New York Times, a highlight of this proposed budget is Biden’s approach to climate change. In his proposal, he brought up his goal of having half the new cars sold by 2030 be eclectric, and not once mentioning biofuels.

Congresswoman Ashley Hinson said she was disappointed.

I was disappointed but not surprised that the President's budget called for more electric vehicle subsidies while ignoring the need for domestic renewable energy like biofuels. These subsidies won't actually drive down fuel costs for islands but they will make inflation even worse and drive costs higher while continuing our reliance on China.

However, Hinson says there is still hope. Currently, the administration is considering temporarily removing the restrictions on the summer sale of higher ethanol-gasoline blends.

It's a sign that our bipartisan pressure campaign and our advocacy on behalf of Iowa's biofuel industry and on behalf of Americans paying too much at the pump and to heat their homes are working.

In March Senator Chuck Grassley and Illinois Senator, Dick Durbin wrote a letter to Biden asking for E15 to be sold throughout the 2022 driving season arguing that adding ethanol would lower consumer costs.

Today, 22 E15 fuel retail companies that represent over 230 stations across the state of Iowa joined that effort by writing to the EPA Administrator to allow E15 sales nationwide during the summer of 2022.

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