People in the agriculture industry celebrated when Biden came to Iowa back in April to announce his summer E15 waiver.

While visiting POET in Menlo Iowa, Biden announced that he will be allowing the sale of E15 this summer to help combat the spike in oil prices. Typically, from June 1st through September 15, E15 sales are restricted.

The Environmental Protection Agency is planning to issue an emergency waiver to allow E15 gasoline that uses more ethanol from homegrown crops to be sold across the United States. This summer in order to increase the fuel supply

The announcement came after months of lawmakers and farmers pushing the White House to continue to allow the sale of E15 through the summer.

However, according to Iowa Agribusiness Radio Network, a new report says Biden was not happy about this decision and reprimanded his staff for making him go to Iowa to support an initiative he believes won’t work.

Even before making the announcement, Biden was worried that it exaggerated ethanol’s ability to cut gas prices saying it would harm his climate goals. But the White House was looking for ways they could lower gas prices and Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack urged Biden to go to Iowa to make the announcement to help the Midwest.

Iowa Senator Joni Ernst said in an Iowa Agribusiness Radio Network article, that this goes against what he promised farmers.

He did not want to go to Iowa. And he's questioning the validity and the value of our biofuels. He was really upset that his staff made him go to Iowa and go to, of course, a biofuels producer. And it just really does show the duplicity of this administration. He said he was behind biofuels, and yet he's behind scenes saying he doesn't believe in it.

While in Iowa, Biden spoke about pushing biofuels infrastructure by investing more than $100 million into biofuels.

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