If you would've given me 20 guesses, I would've never been able to narrow down this soft drink as being Iowa's favorite. I've lived here a total of 5 months and I'm not sure I've seen one person sipping on one of these yet. I actually don't even remember the last time I've seen this soft drink in a store.

Maybe I have and I just haven't been paying attention but this blew my mind. Without looking it up, I'm not sure I even know the company that owns that brand of soft drink. Do you agree with the choice this article gave for Iowa?

We'll start with our neighbors to the north. The most popular soft drink in Minnesota is Orange Soda.

I swear this has to be because of Mcdonald's. It felt like every store had orange HC as a choice for a selected drink and I'll order one of these, as a 31-year-old adult, every time I go through the drive-through.

To the northeast of Iowa, we have Wisconsin and their most popular choice is Jolly Good Soda which is made in the state.

I worked and lived in a town that was right on the Minnesota/Wisconsin border for 8 years. I've been to Wisconsin hundreds of times. I've never heard of this soft drink before.

East we have Illinois and the most popular soft drink of choice in that state is Jarritos.

These are pretty popular in the midwest in general but I can't remember ever trying one. You see these all the time at gas stations or in stores. I've always thought they were easy to remember because of the glass bottle. I might have to get one of these today.

West we have the state of Nebraska and their voting for an old classic. Sprite.

Unslash - Megan Ruth
Unslash - Megan Ruth

I don't want to put this kind of branding on Sprite but in the last 10 years of my life, I've never had a Sprite that didn't have some kind of alcohol in it. I'm not a big soft drink drinker, so maybe my opinion shouldn't count much for all of these but if I'm drinking a Sprite, it's a spicy one.

To our south, we've got Missouri, and their soft drink of choice is Faygo.

Here's another brand I know I've tried in my life but I really can't remember when. Faygo actually started in Michigan and somehow found its way into being Missouri's favorite.

Finally, we have Iowa. Any guesses?

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Squirt... really? I've lived here for the past 5 months so maybe my opinion shouldn't mean much but in 5 months, I've never seen a single person in this state drinking Squirt. The only time you'll catch me drinking Squirt pop is if I'm on a golf course and there's vodka in it. I'm not even bashing the stuff. It's great! We all know Iowa's favorite soft drink is Busch light.

You can find the rest of the country's favorite soft drinks at Eat This and see what other states are drinking.

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