As a kid, I would always play around with Google Maps when I was supposed to be doing school work. I would look for some of my favorite childhood spots like the amusement park we would always visit on our class field trip, or my community pool. One Tik Tok account is taking my childhood careless pastime to a WHOLE new level.

I shared this account with everyone a while ago, but I found one video off of this account that literally hits closer to home.

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I don't know what you do in your free time, but it's probably not as gratifying as this person. One Tik Tok account zooms in on different places in Iowa hoping to find someone's house.

This account is called Zooming In Iowa Houses and it's my new obsession. Who hasn't zoomed in on Google Maps to try and find their house or even their friends' houses? TThe account currently has more than 15,000 followers on the social video sharing app.

It has grown significantly from where it was two months ago. That number can be seen right below.

zoominginiowahouses via Tik Tok
zoominginiowahouses via Tik Tok

On average, there are about 100,000 views on the videos. The houses are all across the great state of Iowa. From Burlington to West Des Moines to Sheldon this account is covering the whole Iowa gambit.

The account even takes requests!

zoominginiowahouses via Tik Tok
zoominginiowahouses via Tik Tok

A little over a year ago, someone requested Cedar Falls to be the next stop on this Google Maps journey. It looks like a beautiful home located close by the Christian Science Reading Room right in the heart of Cedar Falls. You can see the full video down below.

@zoominginiowahouseszooming into random iowa houses until i find someone’s house pt 5! 🌽 cedar falls as requested!! #foryoupage #fyp #iowa #iowacheck

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The goal for this account seems to be randomly zooming in on a house in the Hawkeye State and having whoever lives in that house recognize it. Check out their account, and maybe you'll even see a video of someone zooming in on your house! I swear it's not as creepy as it sounds!

You can watch one of the videos down below!

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