The following story has images and videos that contain graphic content including blood and someone getting a piercing.

Stars... they're just like us! They too get a bit queazy at the sight of blood.

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Northeastern Iowa's very own American Idol was trying to switch up her look, but it didn't necessarily go according to plan. Maddie Poppe of Clarksville won the 16th season of the popular singing competition show when she was just 19.

Poppe shared two videos on her Instagram and Tik Tok channels that captured her and her friend Carly's attempt to pierce her nose. The two ladies explained that it was 2 AM and it was the PERFECT time to give at-home piercing by a "non-professional" a try.

In the very first clip shared, you can see the singer slowly start to freak out and even hype herself up for the incision.

"I'm starting a new era. And my new music is a new me," the Clarksville native explains.

In a fake serious tone, she declared, "I'm living for me!"

In a perfectly timed and hilarious moment, the singer belted out fellow American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson's initial hit 'A Moment Like This.'

You can watch her fitting freak out song in the video down below.

If you don't think you can handle the sight of blood then you should probably just watch the very first video. The second clip is not for the faint at heart.

In the follow-up video you can see Poppe's friend start to insert the needle in her nose. If you even look closely, it looks like there's a bit of blood and maybe even some brusing from the initial try.

After the needle makes contact and goes slightly inside of the nose Poppe loses it. She visibly starts to look woozy and passes out quickly after that.

While she is lying down going in and out of it she asks her friend, "Is this a greak Tik Tok?"

The entire process turned out a failure. As she said in the caption for the second video, "I don't have a nose hoop." Our own American Idol had difficulty dealing with the needle, so this piercing is left almost half-finished.

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