Hey, what do you know? Today (9/28) happens to be #NationalDrinkBeerDay! Seems like a most opportune time to celebrate the best brewery in Iowa (preferably with a cold one in hand).

Thrillist is one of my favorite websites. It's pretty much a go-to guide for anything lifestyle-related (entertainment, travel, food & beverage, etc.). Thrillist's writers sampled craft breweries from across the state and chose Toppling Goliath as their #1.

The Decorah-based beermaker is "quickly growing into a titan...and remains the undisputed top draw when it comes to Iowa breweries," and specialty recipes like Kentucky Brunch and Assassin remain crowd favorites for discerning craft beer fans.

Though Iowa as a whole didn't fare so well on this list, Toppling Goliath still received rave reviews.

Toppling Goliath Tap Room

310 College Drive
Decorah, IA 52101
Phone: (563) 387-6700

Toppling Goliath brews more than 25 (!) varieties of beer. From IPAs to stouts, porters to lagers to pale ales, Toppling Goliath makes something for everyone--Ii'm quite fond of the Dorothy, myself. Check out their TGLocator to find where taps and bottles of your favorites are located near you. Cheers!

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