A bill before Illinois lawmakers is something cat owners might need to watch.

The controversial practice of declawing cats has been around for years. For some apartments or living situations, a landlord might require you to have a cat that's declawed so it doesn't mess up their furniture or drapes. But many vets and cat owners aren't fans of declawing cats because even if they're indoor cats, it can take away a defense mechanism for them. Personally, my two indoor kitties aren't declawed but I keep their claws at least somewhat trimmed.


What The Illinois Legislature Says About It

A new bill in the Illinois General Assembly would forbid declawing cats unless it's for a therapeutic purpose for the feline. If you declaw your cat for any other reason, you could face up to a $500 fine for a first violation, $1,000 for a second violation, and $2,500 for a third or subsequent violation.

According to the Quad-City Times, it passed 5-3 out of committee. It is in the Illinois House and if Governor Pritzker signs it, it will take effect 90 days after becoming law.

Pet parents, there are definitely outlets you can explore before declawing your cats. Really, if you're worried about your cats trying to scratch up stuff they shouldn't, consider getting something like claw covers for them and keep their claws trimmed. Also, make sure your kitties have plenty of scratching posts and boards to scratch their claws on so your couch isn't the victim (trust me on that one).

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