Here we are, the most wonderful time of the year... and I don't mean Christmas, nor the Halloween candy hangover. I mean the end of Daylight Saving Time. Now if only it would end for good. PS, I'm not alone in wishing for this.

Daylight Saving Time and clock changes, in general, is dangerous

Setting clocks forward and dropping them back is a practice older than any of us. A quick history, Daylight Saving was created to better help workers adjust to standard working hours by providing them more light during the workday. In more recent years, many have claimed it's good for kids who are up early for classes as they'll get more light. One big issue here is most schools pushed back start times for classes to after 8 am, or in some cases 9 am.

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So... what are the advantages? Here are some real disadvantages, people actually die. This article spells this out quite well pointing out the increase in heart attacks and traffic accidents that can be tied to the clocks changing. Staying on standard time (ST) meanwhile is what's done in Arizona and Hawaii. While there's not less crime, there are fewer deaths connected to staying on ST year-round.

People are over Daylight Saving Time

In 2021 it seems everything is polarizing. Well, except this. A poll found that a majority of us want to eliminate the changing of the clocks. What's better, exactly 67% of both Republicans and Democrats want to end the end of Daylight Saving to come. For once we actually have an issue that transcends politics.

I'll give you two cents: we don't need to monkey with the clocks. It's become more of an inconvenience than anything. Sure it's nice to have an extra hour to sleep, but eventually, that wears off. It gets dark this time of year around 4:30 when we roll back the hour and that too is depressing. Let's just have one time that lasts all year and I think we'll all be a lot happier, and we'll find it easier to enjoy the winter months, best we can anyway. Oh, and it's also confusing when people put the "s" at the end of the saving in Daylight Saving Time. So there's another reason to can it.

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