David Nail's new heartbreaker "Comeback History" stings even more during an acoustic video premiering exclusively on Taste of Country and The Boot. Watch as the country hitmaker sings and picks guitar along piano accompaniment.

"Comeback History" is one of five tracks from his Bootheel 2021 EP, released earlier this month. Nail tells Taste of Country that he loved the idea of using a local sports team as a way of representing and old flame.

"We were guaranteed so to speak, and yet, even though we sorta lost track we could be comeback history," he says.

There's an air of hope to "Comeback History," but it's recognizable as slim hope by anyone who's loved and lost and lived with that regret.

"We were the surest thing around / We'd be comeback history," Nail sings after first describing his romance, then that of his lover and the guy who came next. Anyone who has every been dumped for the sure thing can relate.

This acoustic version slows down an original version that is hardly a rocker, but still heavy with drums and more theatric production elements. Long considered alongside country music's top vocalists, Nail has in recent years learned how to apply his own personal stories to songs in ways rare in country music today.

Bootheel 2021 follows Bootheel 2020, released late last year. In 2019, the "Let It Rain" and "Whatever She's Got" dropped the stirring Oh, Mother EP, and shared an acoustic version of a song called "Forgiveness" with Taste of Country readers.

Nail lives in the greater Nashville area with wife Catherine and their three children, including the recently-born Ellie Britton Nail.

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