April showers bring May flowers ... and some really good country songs about rain.

Whether sad, defiant or uplifting, these rainy tunes bring a little light through the clouds, with the talents of Keith Urban, Trisha Yearwood, Gary Allan and more leading the way. The following are The Boot's picks for the best country songs about rain:

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    "Let It Rain"

    David Nail

    This catchy tune was inspired by the final scene of the film The Last Kiss, in which Zach Braff's character has to endure the consequences of cheating on his fiancee, rain or shine. Written by David and Jonathan Singleton, this song uses rain as the perfect metaphor for the guilt descending upon the lover, who has rightfully been thrown out of his home, along with all his belongings, in the middle of a storm.

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    "Rainy Night in Georgia"

    Conway Twitty and Sam Moore

    This song is the epitome of loneliness. Imagine that you're alone in Georgia, it's wet and cold, and the only place you have to sleep is a boxcar. Twitty and Sam Moore put a haunting, country spin on this classic R&B tune, written by Tony Joe White and originally made famous by Brook Benton.

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    "Georgia Rain"

    Trisha Yearwood

    Mrs. Garth Brooks takes a sweet walk down memory lane (which is actually a dirt road) in this lead single from her 2005 album, Jasper County. The excitement and fear of first love are paralleled by a summer storm, and the former left such an imprint on the storyteller that it will take more than the Georgia rain to wash it away.

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    "Like the Rain"

    Clint Black

    Sometimes you need to see something through another's eyes before you can truly appreciate it, and it took Black's wife, Lisa Hartman Black, for him to appreciate the beauty of storms. Additionally, this song's intro -- "I never liked the rain until I walked through it with you" -- wins this countdown's "best pick-up line" award. Men, take a lesson from Mr. Black: Women love to hear how you couldn't make it through the clouds of life without them.

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    "Bring on the Rain"

    Jo Dee Messina and Tim McGraw

    We've all been at the end of our rope, ready to just give up, and a literal storm on a dark day can be just enough to push someone over the edge -- but Messina, with help from her producer and friend Tim McGraw, reminds us that it's just a little water, and we're thirsty anyway. This defiant anthem preaches taking things one day at a time and remembering that this, too, shall pass.

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    "When It Rains"

    Eli Young Band

    The weather can undoubtedly affect our moods, but what if you're already down? These Texas troubadours know what it's like to deal with a bad breakup, after which you don't want to pretend to be happy. Their only salvation? "When it rains, some people get down / They're sporting a frown / So I fit right in." Misery loves company, indeed.

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    "Smoky Mountain Rain"

    Ronnie Milsap

    The only thing tougher than leaving the one you love to pursue your dreams is giving up those aspirations, only to find that she's gone. Milsap's lover who didn't wait is lost in the "Smoky Mountain Rain" as he heads back to Knoxville, Tenn., from Los Angeles. Through the tears and the rain, Milsap is determined to find the woman he doesn't blame for leaving.

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    "Raining on Sunday"

    Keith Urban

    While most women probably wouldn't need an excuse to "hide under the covers all afternoon" with Urban, the wonder from Down Under is praying for foul weather in this 2003 hit. Written by Radney Foster and Darrell Brown, the song reminds listeners that love isn't always easy, but here's a unique solution: "Let the water wash our bodies clean and love wash our souls."

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    "Songs About Rain"

    Gary Allan

    How does Allan cope with the news that an ex has gotten hitched? By listening to songs about rain, of course! "Rainy Night in Georgia," "Kentucky Rain," "Here Comes That Rainy Day Feeling Again" and "Blue Eyes Cryin' in the Rain" all make Allan's playlist, although he wishes sunshine on the woman who's taken someone else's last name. Whether or not you're still in love with a person, finding out that they've moved on can hit you harder than a monsoon.

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    "I'm No Stranger to the Rain"

    Keith Whitley

    This song is the musical version of the cartoon with the guy who is constantly hounded by the dark rain cloud. The whole world isn't gray and dark, just his world. He's so desperate to escape this fate that he'd "beg, steal or borrow a little sunshine" to "put this cloud behind me." Ironically, this No. 1 hit from the late country legend may be the best tune to pull you out of your darkest day.

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