There's something I've noticed lately when I've gone out to eat at a fast-food or, sorry, 'quick-service restaurant'. Before I explain, I want to preface this piece by saying this is not a slam on any sole employee, establishment, location, etc. Not at all. It's something I've noticed for some time now, before COVID and now as the pandemic winds down. It's a bit alarming and frustrating.

When I walk up to you, greet me... I am your customer

My issue as of late has been a simple one, and after it happened once again yesterday, I decided to share my frustrations. I won't say which establishment I was at yesterday, and as I said earlier, it's not an isolated incident.

I approach the register ready to make my order and, the cashier says... nothing. In this case, he just stared at me. No, 'hello sir, may I help you?' No, 'welcome to X restaurant, what can I get you today?' No, 'hello sir, how are you today?' Nothing. Now, I don't need a pleasantry. I don't want to discuss the 90-degree temps we've been having. But I'd like to be acknowledged, ya know? At least say 'hello'.

Give nice a shot, you might get promoted

I was in customer service for a number of years before radio. I did the fast food thing, the retail thing. I know some people (customers) absolutely suck. They can be crass, short, or downright rude. Buuut, that's not everyone. Most customers are pretty decent people. They want a sandwich, drink whatever, and then, they're gone. You, Mr./Mrs. Employees are but a blip in their day.

Here's a challenge that shouldn't be too challenging: be nice to them, and your boss will likely notice. Maybe you'll even get promoted. Then, you don't have to deal with customers all day long. Just when they're angry; which they're less likely to be when they get good (doesn't even have to be great) customer service.

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