An Iowa family had just finished watching Sunday's Super Bowl when they heard a noise they'd never heard before. Someone or something was trying to break into their home. And it was all caught on camera.

Cassie Edgar told KCCI that the noise coming from the back of their home was "very loud. You could hear them clawing at the windows and barking and howling." Edgar was talking about the small pack of coyotes causing havoc in the Urbandale family's backyard. She told KCCI that it sounded like zombies trying to break through the windows and doors. Security cameras show the coyotes slamming into a window and back door.

The coyotes left some paw prints and a few scratches on the door, according to KCCI. Edgar says that they put a chair in front of the door before they went to bed just in case the wily coyotes came back.

KCCI reports that the family is used to seeing wildlife in their backyard, including the occasional coyote. But they'd never seen a pack before, and never this aggressive. KCCI says that Edgar gave a copy of the footage to the Urbandale police department and the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. They want to make sure neighbors with small dogs and children are aware.

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