Food is good, right? We all need it to live. Plus, when you dump BBQ sauce on it, even paper tastes amazing. Most of us base a large part of our day around food, and more specifically meals. What we'll eat, when, with who, where etc.

Well, in the COVID-19 era it's become what will make me feel better, more than the concerns of health and nutrition. There have been numerous studies saying Iowans, and Americans in general, are consuming more alcohol, but apparently, we're also eating more junk foods as well.

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Iowa loves greasy food (who doesn't!)

So what comfort foods are we turning to for a little extra comfort during the recent stressful time of COVID? Well according to a Fox News article, Iowans are eating a mixture of more junk food, and fatty meat items. The study, which Fox says came from Grubhub, lumped all Midwesterners into one fatty group, and found we're indulging in more of the following favorites:

  • Sausage egg cheese burrito: 250 percent more popular (Mmm, good choice, us)
  • Glazed donut: 119 percent more popular
  • Fried cheese curd: 110 percent more popular (Um, YES)
  • Red velvet cupcake: 93 percent more popular (Seems random)
  • Spicy chicken wrap: 85 percent more popular

What is your go-to comfort food? I'll take the Double Stuf Oreos ANY day, pandemic or not. I think they have or at least had red velvet Oreos so, I'm all set to go on the red velvet end as well!

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