There's no doubt when the dust finally settles on this difficult and unique time, we're going to be left with massive unemployment - even here in the almost always gainfully employed state of Iowa. But, in comparison to the other 49 states and District of Columbia, how's Iowa doing with unemployment due to the pandemic?

According to WalletHub, not as bad as most...

Source: WalletHub

As you can see from the map, it could certainly be worse. Iowa's ranked 41 out of 51 in a study where being closer to the bottom is what's best. Florida, which lost massive tourism dollars during a prime time for tourists, took number 1. No surprise they're pushing to reopen.

Despite better doing better than many other states, Iowa's unemployment in 2020 vs. 2019 is up 1431.10%. Let's all hope the pandemic is over soon because not only is it sadly taking lives, it's taking many jobs and incomes.

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