What's the fastest you've ever driven? Be honest. Have you pushed your car to 100? Maybe on a backroad somewhere? The fastest I've gone is about 90. Or at least, that's what I'll admit to publically. But that was on a tiny highway waaay up in northeast Iowa. How about your fastest speed? Okay, sure... small highway, backroad, got it. What about on Highway 27?

The speed limit on IA-27 is 65 outside of Coralville. That didn't stop 23-year old Saleh Ali Nasr from going almost 40 mph faster. Last September, the Coralville resident was pulled over for really speeding. Officers clocked him at 103 in that 65 miles-per-hour zone. Fast forward a year, and now we not only know why he was speeding, we know he's fighting back on his license being suspended.

It was an emergency!

Ali Nasr claims he was doing his dangerously excessive speed because his wife was in dire need of sanitary pads. Now hit pause there. Ladies, does this make Mr. Nasr a hero? I mean, he put people's lives at risk. But, for his wife to get sanitary pads. That's gotta count for something.

According to the Iowa Capital Dispatch, Ali Nasr also claimed police were rude and insulting to him. Within a month of the incident, he pleaded guilty and promptly paid his $314 ticket within a few days. However, his woes continued as the Iowa Department of Transportation informed him that his license was being suspended due to going 38 miles over the speed limit.

Still fighting the man

After nearly a year of fighting the suspended license, claiming personal bias, and a legitimate emergency, Saleh Ali Nasr is asking for a judicial review of the decision to uphold the suspension arguing the DOT’s actions are unreasonable and even abusive. Hey, whether he wins or not, give Ali Nasr credit, we went 103 mph for his wife, and he's sticking to it.

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