True or false: NO ONE actually likes those little candy 'conversation' hearts. If you answered 'false', then agree with me no one actually likes to eat conversation hearts. For whatever reason, once again those lil' buggers are again Iowa's favorite Valentine's Day candy according to the website Zippia.

I'll explain how this was decided in a moment, but first, most states chose a candy with chocolate as their fav. A whopping 45 out of 50 states prefer chocolate on fact. Only three other U.S. states went with conversation hearts as their favorite. So, how did Iowa end-up with conversation hearts as our pick? Let's dig into the research.

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Zippia used Google Trends as a metric to determine what Valentine’s Day candy each state eats a disproportionate amount of. As far as the answer to 'what is a Valentine’s Day candy?' ZIppia went with candies that peaked in search volume on Valentine's Day itself. From there, they determined the candy of choice for all states based of the Google search volume. With that, Iowa's favorite was determined to be conversation hearts. Lucky us.

Other top Valentine's Candies include:

  • Hershey Kisses
  • Dove chocolate
  • Chocolate strawberries
  • M&Ms
  • Candy necklace, this was California's pick (whaaat?)

See each state's pick here.

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