We're learning more about the man accused of murdering his family in a shocking triple murder yesterday, Tuesday, June 15th in Cedar Rapids. 20-year old Alex Jackson initially told police that a masked intruder entered the home and committed the murders according to a report from KWWL.

Jackson called 911 to report the shootings

According to the report, Alex Jackson placed a call to 911 on Tuesday before 8:30 am to report that he and his dad had been shot by a man who had broken into their home. When police arrived, they found three deceased members of Jackson's family. 61-year-old Jan Jackson, 68-year-old Melissa Jackson, and 19-year-old Sabrina Jackson were all found dead in separate rooms of the house, all from gunshot wounds.

Alex Jackson was found suffering from a gunshot wound to his foot. He told police he was shot in his foot during a struggle with the home intruder and was alseep when he heard gunshots. Police, however, found no evidence anyone had broken into the Jackson family home, and there was no sign of burglary.

Police recovered what they believe to be the murder weapon

A .22 caliber semi-automatic rifle was discovered and is believed to be the weapon used to commit the killings. Jackson told police the rifle was left on the fireplace the night prior, and that his father had just cleaned it.

Jackson has denied involvement

Jackson told officers he did not kill his family, though according to the KWWL report, his father recently told him he needed to find a job, or move out of the family home. Jackson is charged with three counts of first-degree murder. A Linn County District Associate Judge set Jackson's bail at $3 million which is $1 million for each count of 1st-degree murder.

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