Multiple people are dead after an early morning shooting at 4414 Oak Leaf Court NE, according to a press release from the City of Cedar Rapids. While police confirmed there were multiple victims, there was not a lot of information released initially, as police were investigating the shootings. At 9:30 pm tonight, Tuesday June 15, the City of Cedar Rapids put out their press release to the media, and Facebook post, with more information.

According to the release, officers entered the home and discovered multiple victims inside the home with gunshots wounds. Of he individuals shot, three were deceased. A fourth victim, who is also the accused shooter, was taken to UnityPoint Health-St. Luke’s Hospital with a non-life threatening injuries.

The victims were identified by investigators

The press release initiatives the victims as 61-year old Jan Perry Jackson, 68-year old Melissa Ferne Jackson and 19-year old Sabrina Hana Jackson.

A suspect is in custody

Police continued to investigate throughout the day, and the fourth member of the family, 20-year old Alexander Ken Jackson has been arrested in connection with the shootings. He has been charged with three counts of 1sr-degree murder in the killing of his father, mother and sister.

Alexander Jackson suffered a gunshot would to the foot, but was discharged from the hospital and immediately transported to the Linn County Correctional Center.

There was no mention of a possible motive in connection with the shootings at this time.

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