Sometimes the best way to remember a loved one is to do something good in their memory and that is just what the Vaughn family in Cedar Falls does every year.

13 years ago, Kandi and Brad Vaughn lost their son, Spc Travis Vaughn, in a helicopter crash while serving overseas in Afghanistan. In order to honor their late son's memory and to give back to veterans in the community, the Vaughn's have started the charity "Shower of Gifts."

According to KWWL, a year after their son's death the Vaughn family made a trip to a Veterans home in Marshalltown to provide hygiene products to veterans. Unfortunately the veterans there are only allowed a small allowance a month and the Vaughn's decided they wanted the veterans to use that allowance to treat themselves rather than spend it all on basic needs. So, the Vaughn's started the "Shower of Gifts" charity to raise money to buy basic personal hygiene products to give to the veterans at this home.

In 2020, this charity raised more $10,000 which is a record for them. The Vaughn family recognizes this charity as a way to remember their late son and to give back to other veterans who have sacrificed for us.

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