Carly Pearce is three years removed from the death that inspired her song "Show Me Around," so now she's able to support fans who lean on the ballad. One young woman needed help during a concert in Oklahoma over the weekend.

Video shared to Pearce's social media pages find her walking over to a woman who she'd heard lost her father recently. The country star gets down on her knees to be on eye-line with the fan, then gives an extremely personal performance of "Show Me Around," a song on the 29: Written in Stone album.

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We only see the fan's back, but Pearce's emotional response and the body language are good signs that she was beyond touched by the gesture.

"I'm thankful so many of you have found comfort in this song," Pearce writes.

Pearce has just a few live shows remaining before a month-long break and then her Country Music Made Me Do It Tour. The name of the tour comes from a song she released earlier in August. It's one of two she's shared from an upcoming project, after her current single "We Don't Fight Anymore."

In addition to a headlining tour, Pearce is anticipating going out on the road with Tim McGraw in 2024. The Standing Room Only Tour begins on March 14.

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