Carly Pearce kicked off a new chapter with "Country Music Made Me Do It," a song that both underscores her love for her favorite genre and summarizes the plot points of her life and career to date.

Released in August, "Country Music Made Me Do It" takes listeners on a journey through Pearce's life events — first taste of whiskey, first time leaving home, first kisses and first heartbreaks — and ties each one to country music.

That lifelong bond to the country genre is a true story for Pearce, who dreamed of being a star since childhood, and even snagged a job singing at Dolly Parton's Dollywood theme park in order to be a part of the industry any way she could.

Pearce has found freedom and authenticity by sticking to a more traditional sound. Idols like Loretta Lynn gave her the confidence to tell her story with 29: Written in Stone, the breakout 2021 album that delved into Pearce's divorce from her fellow country artist husband Michael Ray. The genre's history has always been her compass for making authentic music, and her traditional-focused vision paid off in 2021, when she was formally inducted into the Grand Ole Opry.

"Country Music Made Me Do It" is shaping up to be one of the anchor songs of Pearce's upcoming fourth studio album, and it also lends its name to her current tour. Below are the lyrics to the song, which Pearce wrote with Josh Osborne and Shane McAnally.

Carly Pearce's "Country Music Made Me Do It" Lyrics:

Country music made me do it / And I'll do it 'til I die...

First time that I tasted whiskey / First time I took it way too far / First time I let the wrong boy kiss me / And learned all about a broken heart / And I / Left everything I've ever known behind / And my mama cried...


Country music made me do it / Got me drunk and got me through it / A little heartbreak eighty proof / Over three chords and the truth / Out of a small town into a ball gown / Picking me up every time that I fall down / Everything that I've done wrong or I've done right / Oh, country music made me do it / And I'll do it 'til I die

First time that I thought about cheating / First time that I blamed my dad / That time that I changed my last name / That time that I changed it back / And I / Said who I was and didn't have to lie / And when they asked me why...

Repeat Chorus

I wear all my hair a little too high / And my heartbreak on my sleeve / I might be a little bit crazy / But you can't blame me

Country music made me do it / Country music is guilty for the things I've done

Repeat Chorus

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