Ah the plight of country music duo background singers. You know who they are. Seemingly always in the background of hit songs by duos like Brooks and Dunn, and more recently Florida Georgia Line. Kix Brooks knew he needed Ronnie Dunn, even after a short breakup. But what about these FGL dudes? Tyler Hubbard is busy singing with Tim McGraw. Their latest album, Life Rolls On, has been panned by critics. There have been rumors of a breakup. Enter Brian Kelley, the new self proclaimed Beach Cowboy.

Kelley released a new 4 song EP called BK's Wave Pack. The first song is called Beach Cowboy. It has a really interesting laid back feel to it as Kelley calls himself the new Beach Cowboy. In it, he describes his new ride, his new attitude, and how he's going "John Wayne on these waves", whatever that means. It all felt a bit forced. The music video has some fun images that really work, but I guess I just wasn't buying it. Fortunately, things improve.

The next song is Made By the Water, and Kelley channels a real Jake Owen vibe on this song. This song just sounds and feels like its begging to played on country radio. Overall the song is about Brian and his wife making some, um, well, love by the water. I like this one.

Next up is Party on the Beach, and yes it's still a bit to FGL party songish for me. I will say the lyrics aren't quite as bad as the duo's previous efforts. Again, it has the same laid back vibe, and at just two and a half minutes in length its a short, typical party song. But then BK goes and delivers another great song with the closer.

Sunday Service in the Sand is my favorite of the four songs. Yes, its a familiar theme, finding church somewhere other than, well, church. But the song is just so darn likeable. I love the line about watching the "whitecaps crashing over my sins"...fantastic! I feel like if we get more of this type of effort, Brian Kelley might just be onto something.

Move over Chesney and Jake...here comes country's new Beach Cowboy!


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