In New York City, a woman with HIV seems to have been cured of the disease through stem cells and blood from an umbilical cord, transplanted into her. She stopped taking her cocktail of anti-viral drugs in October of 2020, after receiving the stem cells that have a mutation that seems to block the invasion of the virus.

A possible cure for HIV?

In a breaking article from The Wall Street Journal, doctors are saying that her HIV is in "long-term remission" signaling a possible cure with this therapy. More studies are needed to show that stem cell therapy is the path in which to look into recreating the same results with other volunteers with the virus.

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At this time, the woman has no virus in her that can replicate and reproduce. The drug therapy of a mixture of different anti-virals, designed to keep the virus at low levels has been the norm with those who have been infected with HIV. In this case, the presence of the virus is gone.

Treating the woman, Marshall Glesby, associate chief of the division of infectious diseases at Weill Cornell Medicine and New York-Presbyterian says, "Everything is looking very promising,".

The woman received stem cells from an adult relative, and blood from the umbilical cord of a non-related newborn. The unidentifiedwas woman diagnosed with a form of leukemia, but this kind of treatment could be used in a broader sense with patients because the blood from the cord does NOT have to be a genetic match like it did in a study of three others with HIV that slowed the replication of the virus.

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