As we get closer to the beginning of the new school year, there are many concerns on how to keep the students safe going back during the pandemic. While social distancing measures are being put in place another concern is having a mask for every kid, which is where a local Cedar Valley restaurant comes in to help.

According to KWWL, Blue Barn BBQ in alliance with local students have been holding multiple fundraisers recently to raise money to buy 2,000 masks for Waterloo and Cedar Falls students for the upcoming school year. The owner of Blue Barn BBQ has said that it is really the students that have put in a lot of the work and come up with different ideas and even seen them through. Some of the fundraisers they have held include lemonade stands, selling hand-made bracelets, sweat tea stand and raffles.

It's important to give our kids a safe learning environment at this time which is why you can help! The fundraisers have gotten this group halfway to their goal but there is still time to donate. You have until Sunday, August 9th! You can check out more information here on how to donate.

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