[UPDATE] In August, Crystal, the person behind the Crystal Cattle blog site, announced that her family was closing the door for this chapter in her life by putting her beautiful farm up for sale.

The 47.62 Acres M/L sold recently for $1,100,000!

So what makes this property special?


[ORIGINAL] Agriculture is a small, close-knit community. So, when one person leaves the industry, everyone can feel that impact.

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In Buchanan County, one farm family is closing the door to that chapter of their life as they put their farm up for sale along with the cattle.

The story of this farm has been documented on the Crystal Cattle blog. Crystal Blin grew up on her family’s farm in Canada and went to school at Kansas State University. From there the Midwest quickly became a place she called home.

In her most recent blog post, she shared with her readers the decision to sell the farm.

Showing cattle with their kids has been a goal of Crystal and her husband Jon.

The problem is with the show livestock industry you can't be only one foot in if you are going to do it right, and I think we have already established time is something we don't have enough of. The cows are too good and the farm is too beautiful for them to not be fulfilling their purpose.

The couple lived on the farm for nine years. Earlier this year, they branched out and bought the bowling alley in their town, which they say is perfect for the stage of life the couple is in.

But this wasn’t the easiest decision, Crystal adds in a recent Facebook post.

Closing this chapter isn’t easy, but we know that the next chapters we are about to write will be even better. We are honestly so excited. This farm has been a blessing and now it is going to make someone else very happy.

NE Iowa Blogger Sells Beautiful Farm With Cattle

It's unfortunate to watch a neighbor sell their operation, especially someone as loved as Crystal Cattle.


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