Black Hawk County has a number of great fishing holes and maybe you don't know where all of them are, or what fish you'll catch at each of them and where in God's green earth you can find them.

We did some research, spoke with the Iowa DNR and then found a great website without having to go back and forth between several sites to get our info. Thank you Hook and Bullet.

According to Hook and Bullet, there are 30 different bodies of water in Black Hawk County to toss a line into. 3 lakes, 19 rivers/streams and 8 Reservoirs. There are 148 species of fish that reside in the waterways in Iowa, from catfish and bullheads to the oddly named Brook Stickleback and Gizzard Shad. Those numbers add up to one thing. Fishing is readily available to you, pretty much, during the entire year.

So, let's get after it. Here is a list of waterways or 'Fishin' Holes' in Black Hawk County. If you don't catch something after looking at this info, then we can't help you.

Fishing locales in Black Hawk County:

Need to know what others are using to catch fish? Here is a guide to help you figure out you have the right gear for the trip.  CLICK HERE thanks to the Iowa DNR.

Good luck and check back for another guide for fishing holes in one of Black Hawk County's neighboring counties.

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