Photo: Bucky Doren - Townsquare Media/Waterloo
Photo: Bucky Doren - Townsquare Media/Waterloo

So, you think the new bike lanes in downtown Waterloo are confusing and potentially dangerous. You're correct, but at least they are like the ones I found on the interwebs. These doozies are even worse than Park Avenue's.

I'm sure some consultant came in with a low bid and we ended up with accident lanes....errrr, we mean bike lanes. If you haven't witnessed the utter confusion that is the newly painted lanes for the peddlers on two wheels, then you MUST CLICK HERE to see for yourself. Sure, with a little common sense and defensive driving, these would be considered safe. Who am I kidding, I haven't witnessed common sense or halfway decent driving for years, so these are going to be a nightmare.

The next step would be to build an urgent care downtown to treat all of the bloodied and bruised bicyclists that found out the hard way that merging a vehicle turn lane and a bike lane may not have been the best idea.

And what's up with the parking on the street thing? Not that the answer will make sense, but someone has to ask.

Anyway, once you've obtained a good base for terrible bike lanes, enjoy the ones below. You also will notice that most of these are in Europe. Which could mean that Waterloo has the craziest bike lanes in the U.S. Totally an assumption, but probably not too far off.




(Source: Momentum Mag)

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