There are so many options when it comes to a place to stay here in the Hawkeye State. From eastern Iowa to western, you have your pick of awesome Airbnbs. But have you ever wondered which Airbnb is Iowas best reviewed?

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Today I'll show you an Iowa home with a 4.92 (out of 5) review that is currently the best-reviewed in the state. It's also a "mini-castle" as you'll soon see.

Located in our capital and most populous city, Des Moines, the home is perfect for an entire family, or a romantic getaway for a couple that wants to stretch out a bit. To see the full listing, and book some time for yourself, be sure you visit the listing.

Before we peek inside and out, here are some stats on this showstopping Airbnb:

  • Comfortably holds four adults
  • 3 bedrooms
  • Washer/dryer guests can use
  • Fully remodeled kitchen
  • Located in Des Moines, close to many bars/restaurants
  • The home has a private patio in the back
  • Holds a 4.92-star review from 77 guests (as of this writing)

The home is also very close to Raccoon River Park or Walnut Woods State Park in Des Moines.

Shall we take a closer look inside and out? Let's go!

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