There are so many great places to eat in and around the Cedar Valley. From classic American options to Mexican, Italian and more, we have some great eateries at our fingertips. But today, I wanted to focus only on one truly American item: The hamburger! With so many ways to make a burger, it's important you find one you love and spread the word so others can give it a try too.

The BEST Burgers in the Cedar Valley

To find the best burgers, or more specifically the best restaurant to get a burger, I went to Yelp and found the best-reviewed burger options. Luckily, a lotta people like burgers so there were plenty of options! Many if not most of the reviews you'll see are just one of many reviews that were left.

I tried to pick highlights and look for reviewers from out of town as they'd be less likely to be biased for whatever reason. So what do you say, should we dive in? Oh, just a warning: This WILL make you hungry!

The Best Burger Restaurants in the Cedar Valley

According to Yelp reviews, these are the BEST burger joints in the Cedar Valley. See if you agree!

How many of the eateries on this list have you tried? Is there a place that was not included but should have been? Where is YOUR go-to for a good, juicy burger? Let me know as I'm always looking for more burger options and, like you, I don't want to waste my time with a subpar burger. No thanks!

Now that you got your burger fix, here are the best burritos in the Cedar Valley! Sorry again to make you hungry.

The Best Burritos In The Cedar Valley - Photos/List

This radio station took a (very) informal poll on our Facebook page and here's a list of the most popular places in the Waterloo/Cedar Falls area to wrap your hands around a giant delicious burrito. You'll notice that they're listed in alphabetical order because it's hard to say that one is better than the other. Except for those cheap frozen burritos you can find in your grocer's freezer, those are truly disgusting. Especially, when you compare them to these local creations made with fresh ingredients and tender loving care. There's a surprising amount of fantastic Mexican restaurants in the area, let's check them out.

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