Over a week ago, I shared some of the conversations going around the bill that would allow ATVs to drive on Iowa state and county highways. Now the sponsor of the bill, Representative Bobby Kaufmann is changing his plan.

The new plan would retain authority with city officials as to where the ATVs could travel within the city’s limits- HOWEVER, he is still wanting there to be statewide rules on roads where the county board of supervisors has jurisdiction.

Local control does not work when boards of supervisors ignore tens of thousands of signatures and refuse to even so much grant a meeting. When local control is not working, then it is our job to step in.

Two-thirds of Iowa counties already have ordinances what state which roads ATVs can use. Kaufmann is still considering other ideas such as requiring licenses for ATVs on roadways with other vehicles.

The Debate Over ATVs On Roads

Whether it’s on the farm, going down country roads, or just for some fun, people are constantly finding new uses for their ATVs and UTVs.

A new bill going through legislation right now would give the vehicles another use.

A bill that would make it legal for all-terrain vehicles and off-road utility vehicles to travel on state and county highways. The bill seems to be on the fast track in the Iowa House; it passed through initial review on Tuesday.

It is also a priority of the House State Government Committee chairman Bobby Kaufmann who points out that ATVs are allowed on the roads in 22 other states and two-thirds of Iowa counties, which is allowed through local ordinances.

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