Ash Wednesday officially kicked off the lent season for most Christians. One tradition that people follow during lent is abstaining from meat and eating fish on Fridays.

With all the reports going around about how current events are messing with the supply chain, especially with meat, it can raise concerns over whether there will be enough fish. Jim Dixon with Dixson’s Seafood told NAFB that seafood processors saw similar limiting effects from COVID that the beef and pork industry experienced.

They had to have certain spaces which curtailed production to the point that my main supplier dropped about eight items off his product line. My guy in Oregon stopped selling to anybody east of the Mississippi River. So that all effects what's available on the market and costs go up.

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Each week, there is a different supply issue, but one ongoing issue will be with a type of scallop of conservation efforts.

They're closing down different scallop beds- that started last year and its going to continue this year. Its not that the scallops are not out there, it's the government regulating what sizes of scallops are going to be caught in different areas.

These supply issues, Dixon said, have led to higher costs of popular fish,  such as salmon and catfish.

For the next few Fridays, when many Christians are opting to eat fish, consumers may need to consider different options.

We are going to have fish but I think we all have to broaden our mind on what you eat, try cooking different things.

Dixon said we will need to be a little versatile this year.

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