A family argument got physical, putting one relative in jail.

Shortly after 12:15pm Friday (Nov. 13), the Fayette County Sheriff received a report of a family disturbance at a residence in the 26,000 block of Highway 150, near West Union. An investigation determined that 55 year old Todd Berst of Waucoma had been involved in a physical altercation with a family member. Berst was taken into custody on a charge of Domestic Abuse Assault. No injuries were reported.
The Fayette County Sheriff responded to a traffic accident involving a deer. It happened shortly after 7pm Monday. 25 year old Mary Monroe of West Union was driving south on Highway 150 near West Union, when she crashed into a deer. No one was injured, but there was $2,000 in damage to her 2007 GMC Acadia.

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