Pop singer Avalon Young is sharing her cancer journey on Instagram. The 26-year-old made it to the Top 8 episode of American Idol's 15th season in 2016 — a season judged by Keith Urban and won by country singer Trent Harmon.

Season 15 was also American Idol's final season on Fox. Fans may remember Avalon Young for exciting covers of songs by Beyonce, the Weeknd and Ariana Grande. KSWB-TV in her hometown San Diego was first to spotlight her cancer journey with a profile in February. At the time she was facing her first surgery, a 16-hour ordeal that was meant to remove most of a peach-sized tumor in her brain. You can see the scan of the tumor in the third slide from the Instagram post below:

More raw photos from post-surgery can be found on Young's social media page, as well as some of the new music she's been working on. Her new song "She Don't" from a finished EP is set to be released on Friday (April 30). Young has been unable to work since the diagnosis, but friends and family have set up a GoFundMe to help with medical bills.

On April 3, Young shared that the cancer would need further treatment.

"Got some of the worst news ever after thinking i was fully recovering after this tumor surgery," she writes along side a blue-shaded photo of herself flashing the middle finger. The scar on the left side of her head is very visible, but she has a grin on her face that doesn't quite match the mood of her message, until you reach the end.

"I've got cancer in my brain and I gotta boss up and take care of it. A second surgery, and then chemotherapy and radiation. I felt like it was only fair to let you guys know because you’ve supported me up until this point. Unreal to receive this news at the age of 26. everything is gonna be okay, the journey is gonna be wild, but I’m ready for it. Love you guys a ton. F--- cancer."

These two photos were taken one month before the new "F--- cancer" picture:

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