Authorities have arrested two employees of a residential facility, after learning they became involved with two of the patients who came up missing.

On February 21st, Fayette County sheriff's officials were alerted by Prairie View Management Facility in Fayette, that 2 court-ordered patients had walked away from the unit, and could not be found. They were entered into the state computer system, as missing persons.

A few days later, the sheriff found out that the two missing patients had been seen with two female staff members, who were Certified Nursing Assistants, licensed by the state.

An investigation determined that the CNA's, 26 year old Megan Penny of Clermont and 23 year old Paige Johanningmeier of Elgin, had developed a relationship with the two patients, that became sexual when they escaped from the facility.

Both patients were found; one was taken to a hospital in Linn County, while the other was returned to Prairie View.

On Tuesday (March 6), Penny and Johanningmeier were charged with Sexual exploitation by a counselor, therapist or school employee. If convicted, both could face 5 years in prison and be required to register on the sex offender registry for 10 years.

Both have posted a $2,000 bond and have been released from custody.

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