There's a lot of history on Iowa farms. Family legacies, decades of hard work, families raised, family members dying, and babies born. Like anything else, situations change. Economies change, and for some Iowa farmers, legacies must be left behind to find other opportunities. Such is the case for the former owners of the abandoned Iowa farmhouse seen below.

Abandoned since... not sure

It's hard to know exactly when this home was left by its owners for greener pastures. Neither of my wife's parents is 100% sure. But as you'll see from the photos, there are clues within the home. Best guess would be the early 1980's, or late 1970's. The clothes appear to be from the '70's. The television looks quite old as well, and the stove is nothing near modern either.

Old and abandoned, but full of stories

The property sits on a field currently farmed by my father-in-law. My wife was fascinated with the home as a child (it's been abandoned since before she was born), but her parents wouldn't let her explore due to the danger of getting hurt since the house, as you'll see, isn't exactly stable. But like any curious kid, she wondered for years, 'why did the owners just up and leave?'

As you'll see, they left behind clothing, electronics, and no doubt most of their life. Now that my wife is an adult, her parents couldn't stop her from exploring. Check out the photos she took of this abandoned farmhouse.

Abandoned Iowa: An Old Farmhouse

An old farmhouse in northeast Iowa shows what Father Time does to a perfectly normal dwelling after decades of abandonment.

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