Roseanne Barr was once a household name for her show Roseanne. She was all the rage in the late 1980's through about the mid 1990's. Then, once again in about 2018 when her show was rebooted. Yadda yadda, stupid Tweets and she's pretty much canceled. However, in 1993 when she was at the height of her fame, she and then husband Tom Arnold had a mansion in Iowa. Well, that was that plan anyway... Here's on this interesting story goes...

Tom Arnold is a native Iowan. Once he and Roseanne said 'I do', they also said I do to a home in Eldon, Iowa. For reference, Eldon is roughly 2 hours and some change straight south of Waterloo. Okay, back to our story. Roseanne and Tom had construction begin in '93 on a lovely (sounding) mega mansion. The Des Moines Register gave some details of what was suppose to be the finished product: It was suppose to be 28,000-square-foot, feature a swimming-pool-in-the-basement and sit on a massively quiet 1,338-acres of property. But the house was never finished. Why? Weather? Nope. The desire not to live in Iowa? Not really. Divorce? YEP. The two had a pretty tense, highly publicized divorce in 1994 and hence, construction on the massive home was halted. The two had also purchased a restaurant they named near the property called 'Roseanne and Tom's Big Food Diner'. That also shut down.

So what remains of the mansion-to-be today? Not a whole lot. Some structure is still standing, which you can see in the from Google's satellite map, also shown below. The Register reports the property was donated Indian Hills Community College Foundation who, in turn, sold it off to MJW Hawkeye LLC which is based in Florida. Oh, what could have been...


Tons of gnarly up close photos can be found here on the Abandoned Explorers Website.

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