The New Year is barely a week old, but authorities note that they have already stopped a number of motorists for speed-related violations, like the fellow in the picture.

According to the Buchanan County Sheriff's Office, deputies have issued a number of speeding tickets since New Year's Day.

The driver in the above photo from Buchanan County, was clocked at 103 mph, in a 55 mph speed zone, in southeast Buchanan County. That motorist was issued a citation, costing them $371.25.

The sheriff also notes that speeding is breaking the law, and the cost is not just a fine:

There is a greater potential for losing control of your vehicle;
the effectiveness of the vehicle's occupant protection equipment is reduced;
if a vehicle is involved in a crash while speeding, it could result in more severe injuries or even death;
not to mention the financial cost of an accident, and very expensive citations.

Remember to slow down and drive responsibly.

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