Ouch... A customer had his jaw broken by an employee at a Panchero's Mexican Grill in Iowa City. KCRG reports the employee, 24 year old Kyle Higgins, socked a customer in his face, breaking his jaw in two places, and causing tooth damage.

The incident happened back in September around lunch time. The incident report says the customer wasn't following staff instructions while in the checkout area picking up an order. At some point during the discussion, the customer pulled his mask down, at which time he was punched in the face by Higgins. There's no word on exactly what the customer and the employees, including Higgins, were discussing prior to the incident.

Needless to say, Higgins is facing assault charges for punching the customer. I also don't think he'll win an employee of the month award in the near future. Of course, one has to wonder exactly what the customer said or did prior to dropping his mask. There's no doubt tensions during this pandemic are high, and a fuses are quite short for many.

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