Does anyone need a Barney costume?

Anybody that's ever checked out Facebook Marketplace or one of those local 'Buy, Sell, and Trade' groups has probably seen a strange post or two. This is one of those posts.

I was scrolling through my newsfeed this morning, when I came across a post from the Iowa City Stuff for Sale/Trade group. I'm not a member of that group, so I was initially a little confused. Why was one of my Facebook friends sharing a listing for a terrifying-looking Barney the Dinosaur costume? Once I read the description, it all made sense.

The seller of the costume is Milo Gambino, a local wedding DJ that somehow acquired a Barney costume and is hoping to sell it for $100. Why would you want a Barney costume, you ask? Well, some of the suggestions in Milo's post include scaring your kids, snow plowing, "holding up a financial institution," dance competitions, Halloween, and "anniversary night (wink wink)." The post reads:

"Don't ask. I'm already too hungover for questions. Just get this outta my house asap. God, am I sore. My back... my neck and my back!

Already got weird looks from my neighbor walking into my house with this at 6:15 a.m., so I wanna get rid of this before rumors start about a sensual and supple T-rex living on the lake."

The post goes on to say that there is "zip butt flap in the back case you need to drop some dino nuggets," but warns potential buyers not to "drop your a** in this outfit. There is zero ventilation." And in case you're wondering, Milo says that yes, the listing is real.

This is not Milo's first time posting something totally random on the Iowa City Stuff for Sale/Trade page. Back in December, he made an interesting listing regarding a chair shaped like a high-heeled shoe. You can read both his funny posts from the page HERE.

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