We're only two days away from 2020 and we've had some pretty decent weather considering the time of the year. Yet, the worst is coming and I (much to my chagrin) will be spending the icy months of the new year in the Midwest due to a large goose egg in my savings account. You however, might have some luck in planning a vacation with your accumulated PTO. With that said here are five cheap vacations every Iowan MUST consider in 2020.

1). Alaska- Maybe not the warmest place on the list, but Alaska has some incredible scenic views and breathtaking wildlife. Air Alaska and Delta Airlines have round trips for as low as $154.

2). Hawaii- Now this is what I call tropical. Hawaii is the perfect place for you to experience the best of everything with round trips as low as $298.

3). London- Again, maybe not the best in terms of weather but London is a must see if traveling is what you're in to. Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, need I go on? Round trips found for just $328.

4). France- Ahhh the country of love. This is more about the culture than anything else. Food, wine, and the wide variety of art. Round trips as low as $285.

5). Fiji- Ok, now hear me out. This is a little more expensive, but where else are you going to get the isolated tropical island experience? It's quite literally paradise. Round trips as low as $498.

What are you waiting for, snow? Book your trip now!

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